The Facts


Epidemic of Glaucoma

The people of Haiti are predisposed to glaucoma. The struggle is diagnosing it in time. Annual visits to Pignon help in this fight by hopefully diagnosing early and providing essential medicine and treatment to slow the disease's progress. 



Receive eyeglasses and sunglasses for preventive eye care


Are diagnosed with glaucoma and receive a year's supply of medical drops.


Undergo cataract surgery


Cataracts in Haiti are not the usual cataracts found in the US.  The cataract surgery techniques performed in the United States do not work in Haiti due to the size of the cataract.  Cataracts are found in people of all ages, including children. Bilateral cataracts are the norm.  Different techniques and technology must be used to allow the blind to see again.  The doctors on our team use their special training to perform the MSICS surgery.



Eye protection is imperative.

Not only do we bring prescription eyeglasses, but we provide over 900 sunglasses and 1,000's of lubricating eye drops for dispensing. The sun and heat damage eyes and create problems like cataracts and dry eyes. By providing education, awareness, and protective eye solutions, the people of Pignon are given tools to fight curable and preventable blindness.