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Our team consists of medical professionals and volunteers. All applications are reviewed by our board of directors and decisions made based on the needs of the mission.

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Our Mission Trips

Our team of between 22 and 25 people travel to Pignon Haiti annually. Many of our team members return for multiple trips and have grown to deeply care about Haiti and the work we do there.

The hardest work you will ever love...

We work 12-15 hour days, seeing approximately 350 patients each day. Many of our patients walk for hours or days to see us and they have no other source of eyecare. We don't leave until the last patient is given an exam! "Golden tickets" are given to those that arrive too late to get on the surgery schedule. It's our promise to return next year and give them sight-restoring surgery.

Planning and preparation

Planning for our next mission trip begins as soon as we return from Haiti. Fundraising, procuring in-kind donations of supplies and team recruiting is always a priority. Our patients need us for consistent eyecare and we do what it takes to make sure we are there to serve them each year.

Continuing Education

Credits may be available for mission/humanitarian work for eyecare professionals.

Get Involved at Home

Volunteers are the engine driving everything we do -- from supporting our medical team each year in the field to providing the support at home necessary to make our trips a reality.


We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the following:

-       Helping at fundraising events, including set up and take down

-       Preparing mass mailings

-       Packing and organizing supplies

-       Raising awareness through speaking engagements and media contacts

-       Securing in-kind medical donations

If you can help, we would love to hear from you. Please specify your area of interest in the form’s message to the right.

Get Involved at Home

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Why We Give


"Dr. Bergstrom's team does great work with limited staff and needs support from those that have an obligation to help other people."



"It’s so heartwarming to see these eyecare services being made available to people in Haiti. Something many of us take for granted living in the United States. And the dedication and expertise of the healthcare team traveling to Haiti is amazing. They are sacrificing a lot and risking a lot to make that trip every year!"



"To be blessed with His bountiful love and grace means nothing if you do not share.   Every person and every child counts and deserves the same opportunities and blessings."


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Thank you for your ongoing support! We appreciate your donations to help sustain our annual mission trips and cover costs of our medical supplies and shipping. We can't do our work without you!