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Lance Bergstrom, MD

Board of Directors
"Haiti Eye Mission is about being in the arena. Very few things in this world count as much as the time that I spend in Haiti. It gives one the opportunity to use gifts where the need is greatest. The miracle of sight from a 10 minute procedure has generational impact, freeing one to go back to being productive and family members from the burden of blindness. Seeing the gratitude from someone who's sight has been restored is transformational and inspirational. It's why I'm on the planet."

Kristin Follman

Executive Director
"It’s nearly impossible to sum up how much Haiti Eye Mission’s work means to me. I am truly honored to be associated with this group because of the selfless help it offers to people without the basic needs so many of us take for granted. Countless lives are changed by the work we do in Pignon; those that have sight restored, those that won’t lose their sight because of early intervention by our team, the family members not burdened with caring for a visually impaired relative as well as the team members that share a heart for serving others and caring for strangers that quickly turn into family."

Rick Gibney

Board of Directors
"We do operations that go from restoring people’s sight who had sight all their life and gradually lost it, and then the younger people who never had a chance at vision who were essentially born almost blind."

Kari Oxford

Board of Directors
"I volunteer at the Haiti Eye Mission because it is a very efficient mission that has a direct impact on the people we serve. The work keeps me humble and keeps my heart aligned with God."

Kory Peterson

Board of Directors
"When I was asked to go on the Haiti Eye Mission trip, I was excited and very nervous because this was something I had never done before. After getting there and watching the smiles on the faces of the people who could see again after many years of being blind, I knew I had made the right choice."

Eric Ross, OD

Board of Directors
"Haiti Eye Mission cures blindness one week out of every year. A simple cataract procedure can cure blindness and glaucoma medicine can prevent blindness. A week of blindness curing eyecare can be so empowering for individuals and families! Become a team member so we can go back to Haiti."

Jacob Strinden

Board of Directors
"It’s amazing the good that can be accomplished by a group of people working together to serve God and others. The need in Haiti is so great but the Haiti Eye Mission is making a real difference in people’s lives. I’m honored to work with so many talented people to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Pignon, Haiti."

Corey Teigen, MD

Board of Directors
"It gives me a chance to give back to the people of this world and be an ambassador for Christ. The need in Haiti for medical and spiritual care is more than in any other country I have been to."